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My name is Jelle Hanse and I use the trade name Dutch 4 Expats for my Dutch expat services.

I have been training people for some time and in 2015 I set up my own business – Dutch 4 Beginners – to help people with learning Dutch. I teach Dutch to a wide range of students in Nottingham and via Skype, ranging from young to old, and private lessons, couple lessons to group lessons.

A lot of my students learn Dutch because they want to move to the Netherlands, to eventually live and work there. Being able to communicate in Dutch will be of great use to them when moving to the Netherlands, but there is a lot more to it! While teaching Dutch, I have also helped several of my students with writing Dutch CV's, preparing for interviews and helping students with finding work in the Netherlands. In 2017, I launched Dutch 4 Expats, offering expat support services for people looking to move and work to the Netherlands.


I was born and raised in the Netherlands and moved to the United Kingdom in 2005. Having moved to another country myself and having found jobs there, it gives me a good understanding of the challenges that come with setting up a new life in another country.

I have a degree in Management, Economics and Legal studies with a specialisation in International Business. During my study and further job roles I have conducted various research and marketing projects. This experience will help me with providing bespoke job market research for you.

Besides setting up Dutch 4 Beginners and Dutch 4 Expats, I also work as a Regional Trade Manager with Games Workshop and I deal with a wide range of Dutch and Belgian businesses, giving me a good understanding of Dutch businesses, the Dutch economy and a wide range of industries, giving me the experience and knowledge to advise you about working in the Netherlands.

I trust to have convinced you of my skill and experience and I look forward to working with you!

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Jelle Hanse

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Looking for help with finding a Dutch job? Dutch 4 Expats provides bespoke job market reports to help you find out more about your industry in the Netherlands! >> Being able to speak the local language will make a huge difference! Learn Dutch in Nottingham or via Skype before or while living in the Netherlands! >>